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Start: 26-Sep-2017
End: 26-Sep-2017

Environmental Sustainable Laboratories Seminar *3 SCEM PDU


* 3 SCEM PDUs to be awarded; * PE PDU points to be advise


Laboratories are vital parts of various industries, including food industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, academy and research. Laboratories designs are unique, challenging and complex in several aspects. Many technical considerations are considered when integrating engineering concepts to ensure safety and sustainability. As a result, laboratories are often high energy consuming as they have specialized needs and require fresh air dilution to meet safety requirements, and long operating hours.

Laboratories and high-tech facilities demand concentrated attention in the effort to create more sustainable buildings. With their extensive requirements for health and environmental management, security, and resource consumption, laboratories and other high-tech facilities present significant challenges to the building sector in terms of their design, construction, operation and use. More so than conventional building types, these sophisticated facilities must interrelate at the highest level of life-cycle performance. The challenge for architects, engineers and other building professionals is to design and construct the next generation of laboratories to address both sustainable construction practices and contemporary standards of comfort, security, and safety. As such, their potential for improved energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and other sustainability practices provide the greatest opportunity and justification for whole-building design and sustainability goals.

In this workshop, we will share about the BCA Green Mark for Laboratories, Elements of the scheme incorporates results from Laboratory Energy Performance Benchmarking Study, funded by the National Research Foundation under the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) programme, Platinum Award Winners of the BCA Green Mark for Labs scheme will also share about their sustainable approaches.


  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Lab Owners
  • Energy Managers
  • Facility Managers

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Environmental Sustainable Laboratories Seminar 26-Sep-2017 09:00:00 26-Sep-2017 12:00:00